Connecting every Thing to grow your business.

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Grow your business better while keeping it highly flexible. We provide you with a modular Platform allowing you to manage your projects easily.

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We create digital platforms, products and modules

Platform (e.g. Physio System)

This means we create multi-user systems for your community where users can register themselfs and order stuff by themself. You have a set of modules which help you to fulfill the orders of your customers and suppliers. The platform helps you to build a sustainable supply chain between your stakeholders.

Product (e.g. CarTrade)

If you only need to use modules internally and have no need to create different organizations or manage Roles and have multiple stakeholders involved in a product. If you decide to expand the product with more modules this is also no problem.

Module (Functions like create, read, update, delete)

Modules are the building blocks of our systems. If you only need really basic features which only involves one module, we can develop a single module, which you can then use as a plugin on your website.

Latest Modules which we develop

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E-Mail: info [at] wuda . io

Telephone: +43 664 37 69 013