Project Management

  • Requirements Engineering
  • Concepting, System-Engineering
  • Task Modelling
  • Time Planning
  • Goal Management
  • Incremental Progress


  • Extendable Data-Modelling
  • Architecture Planning
  • Fast Database Design
  • Client- and Server Management
  • Continuous Development and Integration
  • Updates and Security Updates

Design & Media

  • Logo Design
  • Game Assets Creation
  • Vector Graphics
  • Animations


  • Planning of CI
  • Kampains
  • Google Ads
  • Social Media Postings


  • Analysis
  • Keyword Finding
  • Improvment Plan
  • Optimization
  • Target Audience

Security & GDPR

  • Risk Analysis
  • Risk Minimization Plan
  • Security Measurements
  • Penetration Tests

Software Modules

We develop everything with scalability in mind. So our Applications are split into small software modules, which can be combined into a custom product. With our tools you can build your own custom software for your needs. You can find all our software modules we developed. This modules can be integrated into a custom application for your needs.


Request & Talk

You have an idea, want to collaborate or start a project with us? Send us a request and we can talk in a free first appointment.

Planning & Offer

If we find a base and have a rought concept of the outcome, we set the boundries and conditions for the project. Then we make a list of requirements and set specific tasks and project plan. Along with the plan we will send you a detailed offer and and a rought concept how the final outcome will lok like.

Order & Procuce

If you agree with the plan and the offer, you accept the order and we will start with development. In iterative cycles the project will grow while you can focus on your core-competency.

Deliver & Profit!

After finishing, we deliver your product and you can use it from there on. If you wish, we can support your system and provide you with the latest fixes and security updates.

Send Request

If you have any concerns, inquiries or want to work with us, then drop us a request with some basic info via the form nearby. We are looking forward hearing from you!

You can contact us via e-mail or telephone:
E-Mail: info [at] wuda . io
Tel.: +43 664 37 69 013