Software Modules

We develop everything with scalability in mind. So our Applications are split into small software modules, which can be combined into a custom product. With our tools you can build your own custom software for your needs. You can find all our software modules we developed. This modules can be integrated into a custom application for your needs.

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Our Goal is to create Modules and combine them into a custom Platform or Product for your needs. If you need standard functions and features already offered by our modules, we can easily create you a custom tailored software. Of course we can change your System dynamically by changing your configuration of modules. This helps us beeing flexible and faster, and you beeing more stable and responsive in your business needs. Please contact our team for more information.

Need something more custom?

No problem, Modules can be extended and combined in every possible way. Just drop a Message with your Idea, and we calculate the development costs for you. If you/we find more users who want this the costs are lowered. Also, you can develop your own modules with your programmers if you want. We also can talk about this possibility.

Projects related with our modules

Over the last couple years Wuda Software realized many projects of different sizes and disicplines. Here you can find some of our projects to see what we have done in the past. Maybe some day your project will also be listed here. To get a custom offer, drop us a request via the form at the end of the page.

Wuda CarTrade

Simplifying trading and datamanagement of cars, vehicles, customers, suppliers, purchase contracts and transport lists. CarTrade saves you many hours of work and supports your decisions with sophisticated data analysis. It offers many features such as automatic NoVA calculation and financial block check. Thus, with CarTrade you always keep track of your vehicles and are many times ahead of other car dealers.

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Physio Service System

The healthcare sector is highly time-oriented, therefore it is important to have a robust and flexible scheduler. Together with our partner, we have developed a software application suitable for the healthcare sector, specifically physiotherapy. It can be used to manage multiple locations, appointments and therapists, as well as services. The physiotherapy software helps our partner to plan stress-free and patients to book their own appointments.

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Materialize Web Design Framework

Responsive front-end Framework by Google standards. Open source project, working with an internatinal team. Used by many companies worldwide, providing ready to use, clean components supporting building of web products in a much faster and standardized way.

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Other Projects

This Projects do not use modular design yet.

CandyClick Game

Master the amazing match 3 puzzle game. This game is suitable for the whole family.

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Bow Sales Configurator

Get the best fitting Bow and Arrows for your needs, based on physical abilities.

Syllabus Management System

Manage Syllabi and Questions for generating randomized Tests for studends in an Educational IT Organization.

Additional Services we offer

Project Management
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Concepting, System-Engineering
  • Time Planning and Scheduling
  • Goal Management
  • Incremental Progress
Programming & Design
  • Architecture and Ontology Modelling
  • Database and Data Persistance
  • APIs, Client- and Server Connections
  • Continuous Development, Testing and Integration
  • UI, Logo & Vector Design
Marketing & SEO
  • Planning of CI
  • Google Ad Kampains & Keywords
  • Social Media Postings
  • Improvment Plan
  • Target Audience Optimization
  • Risk and Dependency Analysis
  • Risk Minimization Plan
  • Security Measurements
  • Penetration Tests
  • Updates and Security Fixes

Get in contact

If you have an idea, information or just want to talk to us, just drop us a message with some basic info via the form nearby. We will then respond as soon as possible.

If you dont like forms, you can also connect with us via

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